AlphaGuards Auto-Security
AlphaGuards AG-88
2-way Color LCD pager alarm
(2 Pagers Special Edition)

2-Way LCD Pager Features:
* 2-Ways Communication Transmitter with Color LCD Display
* FM Technology
* Code Learning Receiver
* Anti-scan Technology
* Signal Strength Indication
* Low Battery Reminder
* Remote Transmitter with 5 Color Options   

* Mute Mode
* System Sleep Mode
* Keyless Entry
* On-Board Flashing Light Relay
* Remote Panic
* Anti-Hijacking
* Car Finding
* Auto Re-alert
* Auto Rearming
* Running Protection
* Alarm Pre-Warning Signal
* Trigger Memory Backtracking Previous Activities
* High Power Siren
* Extended Range Antenna
* Engine-Disable Protection (Relay Included)
* LED Status Indicator
* Dual Stage Electronic Shock Sensor (Plug-in)
* Remote Auxiliary Channel for Trunk Release, etc.
* Plug-In Protected Valet/Override Switch
* Instantly Alert when Vehicle is Violated
* Monitor Doors Status, Trunk Status, & Hard Impacts
* Monitor if Vehicle's Engine has been Started
* Suitable for any Make and Model of 12-Volt Vehicle

Package includes 2 LCD pagers (in the
same color) but mixing in color is
available with an additional charge.
AG-88 2-way Color LCD pager alarm
Color available : Metallic Blue, Icy Blue, Crystal Red, Silver, White
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